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Product name : Surgical Gauze
Item : 2017817131220
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 Product Description
Product Description:

Medical gauze piece for surgical use:
The gauze swab are folded all by machine. Pure 100% cotton yarn ensure the product soft and absorbent. Superior absorbency makes the pads perfect for absorbing blood and exudates. In accordance with the customers'requirements,we can produce different kinds of pads, Such as folded and unfolded,with x-ray and non x-ray.The adherent pads are perfect for operation.
1. Made from 100% cotton, pure white and soft,  whiteness >=80 A
2. Good quality, high liquid absorbency, =3-5 seconds
3. Could be with or without X-ray detectable thread
4.Cotton yarn can be 21's,32's,40's, mesh of  20,17,13,10 threads
5. No toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization
6. Folded edge ornon-folded edge(Descide by custoner)
7. Package: 1pc,2pcs,5pcs or 10pcs packed with pouch for sterile,
               100pcs or 200pcs packed with white paper for non sterile.
8. Strictly conforming to BP, EUP, USP standards
9. For disposable use, expiring time: 5years
Packaging & Shipping:
For sterile packing:
SIZE  (for40's, 17threads) CARTON  SIZE Quantity (1pcs/pouch)          
5cmx5cm-8ply 48x28x43cm 5000pouch
7.5cmx7.5cm8ply               53x28x51cm 4000pouch
10cmx10cm-8ply 68x28x32cm 2000pouch
10cmx20cm-8ply 59x27x42cm 1200pouch
5cmx5cm-12ply 48x34x43cm 5000pouch
7.5cmx7.5cm-12ply 53x34x51cm 4000pouch
10cmx10cm-12ply 68x32x34cm 2000pouch
 10cmx20cm-12ply 59x27x51cm 1200pouch 
For non sterile packing:
SIZE  (for40's, 17threads) CARTON  SIZE Quantity (100pcs/pack)          
5cmx5cm-8ply 27x27x44cm 100packs
7.5cmx7.5cm8ply               39.5x32x44cm 80packs
10cmx10cm-8ply 52x52x24cm 50packs
10cmx20cm-8ply 52x42x35cm 30packs
5cmx5cm-12ply 27x27x62cm 100packs
7.5cmx7.5cm-12ply 39.5x39.5x32cm 50packs
10cmx10cm-12ply 52x42x32cm 40packs
10cmx20cm-12ply 62x42x32cm 24packs
5cmx5cm-16ply 27x27x40cm 50packs
7.5cmx7.5cm-16ply 47x39.5x40cm 60packs
10cmx10cm-16ply 52x52x40cm  50packs 


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