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Product name : Double plate vertical electrophoresis apparatus
Item : 2022231653
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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 * 1. The bottom of the main body has an original design with a large V-shaped slope, and there are outgassing channels on both sides, which is conducive to the escape of air bubbles in electrophoresis;
* 2. The integrated design of glue making and electrophoresis has the function of in-situ glue making, and there is no beam on the main body, which is convenient for inserting and pulling out the sample grid and sample adding operation, and the operation is convenient;
* 3. The glass edge is cured on the concave glass plate to improve the strength of the concave glass plate, and the flat and concave glass plates are used together to form glass components to prevent the glass plate from being crushed;
* 4. Originally designed U-shaped groove on the main body, which is equipped with a mold-shaped U-shaped rubber strip, which is used in conjunction with the oblique insert plate and the flat and concave glass to ensure the sealing effect of the inner groove and avoid liquid leakage;
* 5. Original design, the glue maker adopts an eccentric cam locking structure, which is easy to operate. There is a positioning boss on the upper end of the main body to ensure that the glass plate and the two sealing strips on the glue maker are closely matched to ensure the sealing effect of the glue chamber. leaking glue;
6. The glass plate parameters and sample grid accessories of this product are consistent with the DYCZ-24DN double vertical electrophoresis instrument;
7. High-purity platinum electrode wire with good electrical conductivity;
8. Open the cover and power off to protect safety.
technical parameter
Number of gels: 2 pieces;
Gel thickness: 1mm, 1.5mm are standard, 0.75mm is optional;
Number of sample feeding combs: 10 teeth, 15 teeth optional;
Glass size: flat glass plate 10.3×8.5cm, concave glass plate 10.3×8.5cm (stick glass edge);
Gel size: glue 7.5×8.3cm;
Total buffer volume: 400mL;
Weight: 1Kg;
Dimensions (mm): (L×W×H) 151×106×160.

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