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Product name : Imaging system
Item : 202223162144
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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Mainly used for nucleic acid, protein electrophoresis observation, photography and scientific analysis of experimental results.
☆ 500W high pixel professional black and white camera, clear picture quality;
☆ Large touch industrial capacitive screen, high sensitivity, easy to operate;
☆ Integrated design, the integrated circuit is fully sealed and modularized to enhance stability;
☆ The software is easy to operate, and the function of automatically turning off the light when it is idle can effectively improve the life of the lamp,
☆ Professional gel shooting and analysis software, one-key imaging, integral shooting;
☆ With the function of UV door power-off protection, the operation of the machine is safer;
☆ Adopt push-pull drawer opening method, the dark box has strong airtightness, and minimizes the pollution area.
Basic parameters
Dimensions: (W*D*H) 443*388*740mm
Reflected UV light source wavelength: 254nm, 365nm
Transmission UV light source wavelength: 302nm
Ultraviolet light transmission area: 220*250mm
Visible light transmission area: 190*270mm
technical parameter
CCD resolution: 5 million, pixel density 16bit; frame rate: 35;
Image resolution: horizontal, vertical: 600DPI; Pixel binning: 1×1, 2×2, 4×4;
Interface: USB3.0; Exposure time: 1ms-180s;
Integral shooting, which can expose samples for a long time, and can perform image overlay processing, which can make weak nucleic acid fluorescence
Strips are better rendered.
Lens: Imported 6x optical zoom, motorized three-variable large-diameter high-pass lens head (can be synchronized in software
display the parameters of the lens), F1.2;
Drawer type UV transmission table: UV302nm, standard 22*25cm, equipped with professional glue cutting protection board, safe
fast cutting glue;
White light transmission board: built-in white light transmission board, 19*27*0.7cm, using optical fiber cold light emitting technology,
Uniform optical density, 12V safe voltage;
White light reflector: double-sided high-brightness LED integrated light source, low power consumption, long life;
Filter: 590nm gel special imported coated filter;
Door opening method: large door, push-pull drawer, strong airtightness of the dark box, minimize the pollution area;
Software: Professional gel analysis software
Detection sensitivity: 20pgEB stained double-stranded DNA.

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