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Product name : Non-medical automatic board washing machine
Item : 202223211227
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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 Product number
Product Usage
(hereinafter referred to as plate washer or this product, instrument) adopts the design of vertical 8/12 double-row needle cleaning head, which can clean single strip, cross row, whole plate, etc. It has central flushing and two-point suction cleaning modes. The instrument adopts 5.6-inch industrial-grade color liquid crystal display and touch screen operation, and has the functions of cleaning program storage, recall, modification, deletion, plate type specification storage, modification and other functions. Application fields: widely used in scientific research laboratories, quality inspection bureaus, agricultural animal husbandry, feed enterprises, food enterprises and other testing fields. This series of products are non-medical devices and cannot be sold or applied to relevant medical institutions as medical devices.
*Industrial-grade color LCD display, touch screen operation
*Three types of linear vibration plate functions, adjustable speed and time
*Ultra-long soaking time design to meet a variety of uses
* With a variety of cleaning modes, support user programming
*Ultra-wide voltage input design, applicable to global voltage
*Up to 4 kinds of washing liquid channels can be selected, no need to change the washing liquid bottle frequently
Product parameters
Shampoo: 8-pin, 12-pin shampoo each, double-row needle design, detachable for cleaning
Applicable plate type: flat bottom, U-shaped, V-shaped microplate or strip, support 20 kinds of plate storage
Lotion channel: 1 channel is standard, other channels are optional
Residual liquid volume: average per well ≤ 1uL
Cleaning times: 0-99 times
Number of cleaning rows: 1-12 rows can be set, support cross-row cleaning
Liquid suction time: 0-9 seconds can be extended, injection pressure: 1-5 levels can be set
Soaking time: 0-24 hours adjustable
Cleaning mode: using advanced non-positive and negative pressure technology design, with central cleaning, two-point cleaning, anti-cup bottom scratch
Program storage: support user programming, 200 groups of cleaning program storage, preview, delete, recall, support instant modification
Vibration plate function: Vibration plate strength (from weak to strong) can be selected from 3 levels, and the vibration plate time can be set from 0 to 24 hours
Liquid level warning: support the full alarm function of waste liquid bottle
Display input: 5.6-inch color LCD display, touch screen input,
Support 7*24 hours continuous power on, and have energy-saving management function during non-working period
Power input: wide voltage design AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Bottle washing equipment: 3 standard 2L reagent bottles
Product quality: about 9Kg
Dimensions: 380mm(L)*330mm(W)*222mm

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